What is Sovereign Lineage?


Sovereign- (sove-er-eign) adj



Lineage- (lin-e-age) noun

a descent in a line from a common progenitor


Sovereign Lineage is a state of mind which becomes a way of life.  The mission of Sovereign Lineage is to reclaim governance over Self.  By way of society, family, institutions, etc., ones perception of Self has been shaped by external forces, leading one to view and approach life often in an unconscious manner.  Through the art of Kemetic Yoga, an opportunity presents itself which invites one to reclaim dominion over ones thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Thoughts ignite feelings, feelings affect actions, which ultimately impacts the way one navigates through life.  In practicing Kemetic Yoga, I encourage each participant to approach poses and sequences consciously, by becoming present to his/her thoughts and feelings.  This presence of mind fosters self-awareness and builds the muscle of being in control of ones thoughts by steering it in the direction of positivity.  Positive thoughts inspire positive emotions, leading to positive actions, resulting in an empowered human being.  An empowered human being is our  Sovereign Lineage.