“I want you to know that you are the best instructor I have ever had and everyone and every class was compared to you – your ability to stretch and strengthen my mind, soul and body. It took me more than six months, but I found someone who’s philosophy is similar to yours and I am finally back on a positive path. They will never be as wonderful as you, but the fact that I have found someone who understands it is more than just going through the movements, hot, cold, hold it best, whatever, it is peace and strength with every fiber of my being. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of understanding what yoga can do for my life. Thank you for making me want to search for that no matter where I am so that I can find the peace and strength from within as I did when I was in your class. Sending you all my best, Despina xoxo- Despina M Kreatsoulas

“I have been attending Nadia’s class for more than a year and have enjoyed the experience immensely from the start.  Nadia combines professionalism with a warm personal touch that makes yoga meaningful in a way that is rarely achieved.  Her classes are both physically and spiritually rewarding.  I feel privileged to be part of her program.”-Patricia Skalka.


As a newbie to yoga, Nadia provides an affirming and supportive holding space to get to know my body.  Her presence and giving make me want to come back to yoga”-Jill Wolf.


“Nadia’s ease and ability to create a welcoming and communal atmosphere during her yoga classes are what makes me hold her in such high regard. She has a way of touching on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual during our time with her. I value her class each week because it seems to speak to what I need to hear in reference to living a more positive and purposeful life. She is receptive to each individual’s needs and caters class to an intuitive vibe she seems to know from the class as a whole. She lives out her yoga practice, as they say, “off the mat.”  She is gifted and amazing, and I am grateful to call her a friend.”-Holly L.


” Eight months after becoming a new mom, I started in class with Nadja. A couple of sessions later, she made me feel like my body belonged to me again, after having cared for a newborn. Through her teaching she awoke my strength and self esteem, and going to her class is now the high light of my week. She approaches her yoga professionally with a personal touch and she always make you feel comfortable no matter what level you’re on.”– Terese Edestam.

I started going to Nadia’s yoga classes, offered by my local gym, late last year.  A friend had recommended her, and I quickly knew why.  As a seasoned (aging) triathlete, I originally got into yoga at others advice to work on my flexibility and core strength.  I started out interested only in the physical benefits of yoga.  Nadia, unassumingly, changed my view of yoga with one class.  Now I attend class for not only the strength and flexibility aspect but also the holistic benefit of “checking in”, presence, and simply breathing.  Now I look forward to classes, not only for the physical benefit, but also for the innate talent Nadia has for intuitively challenging her students to examine where they are in their life and “scene”.  She intuitively knows her student’s needs in a way you can’t teach and her talents are motivated by the purest intent (she’s not making much off us like other yoga instructors might).  As a physical therapist, practicing in the field for more than 14 years while managing a Loop location of the area’s industry leader, I have a high BS meter for group exercise instructors.  By observing her respect for the human body I feel comfortable saying she’s the real deal – both spiritually moving and physically challenging – while allowing the student to set the pace of their own experience.  For me, her class has not only helped me in triathlon training but also in processing the needs of a growing family, managing a physical therapy facility, and my 2nd  go at Ironman Wisconsin.  My favorite thing about my experience with Nadia may be that she is a Roger’s Park product and has stayed loyal to her roots.  Nadia’s “closing the circle” on her Rogers Park experience by teaching here rings true of the vibe of our community and my values as her “neighbor”.


Mike Morrow

Nadia has taken me on many a journey with her visual meditation which sometimes begins her classes.  I am able to separate from my day and my responsibilities and spend an hour breathing, stretching and simply(or not-so-simply) being present on the mat. Her gentle hands-on assistance allows me to get further into a stretch than I ever have and to learn that my body is capable of more than I ever believed. Through her energetic poses and sequences, I have felt my arms tingle and hands warm with the electricity in my body. Her classes are magical. Thank you, Nadia, for showing me new possibilities in yoga.

 Lorelei MacBeth
Rogers Park, Chicago
Nadia is a fantastic teacher! Her classes are a wonderful blend of the mental,emotional and physical practice of yoga and range from from physically demanding to restorative. As a teacher she is caring, thoughtful and supportive. I’ve been going to her class regularly for 10 months and I’m more flexible overall and my back is much less stiff – despite spending so much time sitting for work. Her class is a great way to clear out the mental and emotional debris of the day. I only wish she offered more classes in week; four is not enough!

Matt Robison

To me, Nadia is more than simply an incredible yoga instructor (not that that’s not very important) I began taking her classes at the start of some difficult personal times. Nadia’s ability to ‘read’ her  yoga students, not just physically, but emotionally as well, then ‘tailor making’ her classes to meet their needs, is a rare gift. And that’s how I feel after I finish one of her yoga sessions; that I have been presented with a loving gift.
Jane Hobart