Nadia Pillay offers private and group coaching in the areas of yoga and lifestyle design.  Nadia’s classes are both restorative and challenging, designed for all levels.  Her classes are a fusion of Kemetic, Kundalini, and Ashtanga Yoga.  Nadia’s approach to teaching reaches far beyond the physical body.  Her philosophy is, “mental flexibility before physical flexibility.”  She therefore designs her teaching style with the consideration of the mental, emotional, feeling, energetic, and physical bodies all in mind.  The objective is not to “stretch” but rather recharge ones SHU (Life force) and allow it to flow through the body.  It is the flow of SHU which ultimately provides access to flexibility.

Private Yoga Session:


A 1 hour private session includes meditation and visualization and  hands on yoga instruction based on the individual’s lifestyle and needs.  Journal entry and collage exercises are incorporated into the private instruction as a way of keeping a comprehensive record of ones progression.  Private sessions are conducted in the privacy and comfort of clients’ home or preferred location/setting.

Our services include:

Hour of Bliss Sample Session: 60-minute Private Yoga Session tailored to your needs based on a brief email survey prior to the session. Cost $75.

Month of Wellness: 4 sessions, delivered weekly or biweekly, each 60 minutes. This package includes a home practice guide, developed specifically for the student. Cost $270.

Total Mind-Body Wellness Package: 12 weeks of private yoga sessions, plus 3 months of one-on-one coaching. My best offer includes 12, 60-minute private yoga sessions combined with 3 months of holistic life coaching focused on improving your health and happiness through mindfulness & mindset techniques and lifestyle design. Inquire for pricing.

Group Session:


A 1 hour group session includes meditation and visualization exercises as well as hands-on instruction.  Classes are designed to encourage the individual to incorporate all aspects of his/her life as they approach their yoga practice.  Although done in a group atmosphere, Nadia designs her curriculum in a manner which allows one to experience his/her practice in a personalized fashion.

Meditation Sessions


Meditation sessions are open to all ages and levels.  Our time together will focus on breath work as a fundamental tool to connect into and beyond the body, and the mind-space begins to open and clear up.

Kemetic Yoga workshop:



A 2 hour Kemetic Yoga workshop includes the history and philosophy of Kemetic Yoga through a slide presentation.  The workshop focuses on an in depth and authentic understanding of precise geometric positioning of the body as depicted on the walls in Ancient Egypt/Kemet.  Workshop participants will learn about the symbiotic relationship between the geometric positioning of the body, the science of the breath, and its relationship to the physical body and bio-energetic body.  Fruit and tea served after the workshop.


Holistic Retreats and seminars:

Nadia’s retreats and seminars are specifically designed for the community and population she is catering to.  She is able to design her seminars and retreats to all women, all men, couples, senior citizens, etc.  Please inquire directly at or 

200HR Sovereign Lineage Kemetic Yoga Certification Course


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