Emerging Yoga for Kids




Emerging Yoga is designed for children of all ages and abilities.  Emerging Yoga is a program that is offered to foster strength, balance, and flexibility. Its main objective is to help build confidence in how children relate to their bodies and their attitude toward physical activity.  With over 25 years of experience working with children, Nadia Pillay has created a yoga program for Pre- school  and up, to enjoy the gifts and benefits.  Using constructive play and imagination, Nadia pulls from her Theater arts background to create a fun-loving space where yoga and play come together.


Emerging Yoga Infants


Emerging Yoga includes Massage therapy for babies.  Its never too early to include key elements of yoga such as, relaxation and calm, into a baby’s world.  Starting from 6 weeks and up, gentle massages and simple stretches all help with early brain development.  Foot massages and tummy massages are especially helpful for colicky babies.  Introducing calm music, lighting, and sound can teach at an early age a signal for tranquility.